Why Sell With LocalRocks?

Retail has evolved rapidly over the last 20 years, and giants like Takealot have become threats to small businesses in South Africa. One of the reasons Takealot is so popular is that you can buy anything you want from one website.

The majority of the products sold on Takealot are also available from local suppliers – consumers just need a convenient way to access them. LocalRocks Marketplace is looking to solve that.

We believe that most people would prefer to support a small business over a big box store.

Small businesses like yours make up the backbone of our community, local businesses employ local people, they support local sports teams and very often they provide better more personalised service.

Our goal with the LocalRocks Marketplace is to provide a convenient platform for the community to shop and support local businesses. The more products we list on LocalRocks, the more reasons there are for the community to shop here.

While searching for one product, browsers will discover other local businesses they didn’t even know existed. Small businesses are stronger together when they support each other.

You don’t need an existing e-commerce platform to sign up and sell your products on LocalRocks – we’ve done all the of that for you.

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